Curtain and Sofa Fabric
Curtains that grace your walls and home.Every nook and corner of your home must bear that unmistakable touch.curtain that gives a beautiful touch to your life style.we offer excellent and harmonious atmasphere to your homeand offices. warm,cool understated,contemporary,ethnc,serene,whatever look you have in mind for your home,however you want to dress it up,trust our versatile range of curtains. Silky sheen lends it the fall and drape of silk. fabrics with a blend of matt and shing effect. made of polyester but light and brathable. range econsistive of prominently textured fabrics abstract designs,soft stripes. vibrant colours with a soft shine. Available in plain,textured,leaf,jacquard,damask desiges,floral,embroidered sheer that complements the main curtain and gives it a fabotous fall,made from multi coloured yarn giving a young look. choices that will help you make a home ,your home.

Fabrics that makes your sofa look like a million backs or cushions that invite you to get comfortable. a combination of polyster and viscase looks amazing whether you use it for cushion covers or to cover up the arm-rests. The latest and widest range choose from abstract-geametric,leaf,floral,stripes,ribs available in natural shade with a desert of dots and plain.also available in swists,stripes and arnamental designs.

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